For me I started like all things delicate and small. For I was a seed that fell from another tree in a crack your wall. Before I could see I was cloaked in darkness for I was in the ground growing waiting to see the world. When I finally came to the surface and spread my leafs. For when I look up, everything was so big and I was so small. I watch as people came by nearly stepping on me and pushing me out of existence, but they didn’t for they knew that I was going to be a great tree. As time went on and the scenery change from the seasons to the people that passed by. The buildings came up and some of the buildings came down. I saw their birth and death of many as I grew. For I didn’t know when my end would come. I lived longer than most trees as I watch them wither away.

     The children would come and climb on my branches swinging back and forth as they played games. Their conversations started out as childish things from games to cartoons and dreams. As they grew they begin to change they no longer talked of childish thing, but of what they wanted to be and where they would go. I watched as they laughed and cried through their lives. For I was always green no matter what time of year it was. For  they would come and seek the shade under me from the sun  and cover me in the winter with pieces of shiny bright lights that they only had up for a few days. I wondered why they did this but it was always a ritual thing for them. I watched as friendships formed and faded away for when they became adults they went their separate ways. As I grew and grew I try not to take up too much space, but for me to survive I couldn’t stay in one place. One day when the children became fully grown, they left their homes and their parents weep for they were no longer theirs to keep and had to let go without say a peep. I always found it strange of the idea of what it would be to have a parent as I grew.  How would they take care of me as I grew.

     It has been some time and no one comes by to play on me my branches as they are high in the air. I close my eyes and time passes by at a amazing pace. Once the children left I decided to go to sleep. When I open them again to see how things have change, the buildings were new and the people were not the same. I saw posters of things that were said to be new. I barely recognize the area that from which I had grew. For some time after I wonder what could have been if I had just keep kept my eyes open to see what could have been. Now that I am older I have live for almost a hundred grow. My body has grown more than what I could have expected. For now I look down on the world and they are small things. Now I see the cycle of things as new families come together and talk of new things, that is my place in the world to watch and see . I have outlived most things that came before me. Now I must go as those that came and went. But I do not fear what will happen to me. For I have sprouted and given my own seeds to the world so that they can see. For this is how I see the world as a  beautiful tree.


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