Mr. J Weekly round up.

What could possible go wrong or right as we inch towards controlling more of the basic processes or life. Starting form the land to the sky. We are always in search of being the masters of things around us. Also being some of the greats imitators of all time as well.

Lets start of with the art and technology. Turning old junk into art He has been doing some great work for a long time and he caught my eye not to long ago with his work. does a great artistry with old parts and things that have a propose by themselves. For worldly stuff that some may or may not care I would say these guy have it covered on some interesting science blog.

 This ling contains some of the network security and tinkering that I have a fancy for when it comes to seeing new things that will change our world  and changing things for other than there original propose Is always good to keep the mind fresh and creative.

Featured image What can I say, you got to have a scene of humor every an then. hope you are amused by my little turtle here o try to make sure he leaves the ghost chilly peppers alone but he loves them. Overall I like network and computer security. This place was were i first started to learn a thing or two back in high school in 2006 and 2007, the seeds of the future. For something that is more current with security this guys has some great insight with breaches in security and security weekly with some great opinions on the digital world

Now I leave you with this wonderful even they keeps me dreaming a bit ;).

Featured image


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