For the is blog, I was think about the prospect of a film that would work well. In doing so, I believe that this one will fit the bill.

this song afterward is fitting to listen to as you read this

 In this Mercedes car commercial we have actress Tilda Swinton driving on a wild landscape that is removed from the city. It give symbolism to nature and humanities connection to it. Starting from the coast line to the open flats. The ad hold for a bit in a forest, then flashing back and forth to the car and actress. The car is the point of the ad in that it is mechanical but its smooth curves and feature are with nature, but with a slight touch pass nature.

In the car, Swinton goes through a array of emotion from happy to focus and determined. The car is  a shield form the wild landscape and a gateway for us to view it.  As can be seen as she goes back and forth from the car and out into the wild. The subtexts is the car can not only carry you to your destination but allow you to think and contemplate as you go there. More or less the “journey” would be a fitting word. The light was wild and not focus with the colors being washed out and flat. Going back to a more natural state.

Towards the end of the video she reaches the end of her journey. It gives the feeling a sense of completion as she went through her task before getting there. The end with the boy shows a sense of something more than oneself. Taking care of it and guiding it along. The ad is going for  a “full circle effect” and the car is the way to do that. Sort of like going through life.



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