The Jones experience

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          To start off I would have to say this is been a fun and interesting class that I have ever taken for a college course. I did not expect to be doing blogs and group chats that were pretty interesting. The community feeling is a great experience I would have to say. The people that I have had the pleasure of interacting with is a honor. For the professors UAT they are top notch.


            For starters the class keep i to the basics and a nice interaction to introduce ourselves to each other. the lectures were pretty much in line and were clear a filler. the concepts that were cover help me expand my writing then just the trivial papers. One of my favorite discussions was with James Mark ve. he had a thing for the Hawaiian shirt. Dallas Baker was a previous classmate in the class prior, a really great guy. Everyone was eager to respond to each other as we did the discussion and blogs. For the topic of blogs it was a turn that, I didn’t see coming when going into this class. Using myself as the story was not the most easiest thing to step into but made for a very interesting self examination.

       A girl walks on a disused railway track, through what is known locally as the "Tunnel of Love", in small town Kleven

          Professor Wolterbeek was very interactive with the class throughout the entire 5 weeks. That was kind of off putting for me from my previous experiences with other online schools before, I came to UAT. All ways ready to put in a response and opinion which was great to get a gauge on my progression throughout the class. The discussion topics were all well chosen. They were in my opinion not to easy to feel as if you weren’t learning anything and not to hard that it leaves you tearing your hair out. They made you think outside of the books of just droning through books and regurgitating information after. I think everyone here had a great satisfaction after the discussion and assignments. Tying in the real world with what we do in class was brilliantly done. A door way for students to chose topics that appeal to them and not feeling constrained in the process. It allow me to play with ideas that I would reserve for a private conversation in some regards.


         Towards the middle of the class I begin to notice falls in my own writing in the group discussion am project help me critique myself. In that very still room for improvement. Following the guidelines to help organize my ideas in a coherent coherent fashion. To add to the excitement of the class the blogs give us the freedom to be creative and not only writing about the assignment that was given but to add our personal touch into it. Defining our uniqueness among each other and showing are defining traits. They came to a culmination on the 3rd week with the analyst assignments. To feel like a critic from the Hollywood was a good time. Making me use all of the skills that, I’ve have learn and acquire over the weeks that I been in this class to produce a product that I can be proud of.

        To wrap it all up in a paragraph is a big task but, I feel confident that, I can appreciate everyone help me along the way in this small step in our lives. I have to thank Kristy Carter for reviewing my paper for me. I totally miss the error that were all over my paper. Also to Ammanuel Gerena for being a good battle buddy. If you see this you know what I mean.  To everyone I wish you the best and successes  that you will need.


” The sun may say fair well and set ,but tomorrow it will rise again”


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