The man with cold eyes

Inside the world of the king of the north Vladimir Putin

Michael J. Jones Jr.

University of Advancing Technology


Frontlines video documentary of Putin gave a telling outline of who is Vladimir Putin. Form his past to present day. In this paper, we will go deep inside the mind of Putin. Starting from his early days before the fall of the USSR, to the 90s where he gather and consolidate his power. Frontlines video was posted on January 13th 2015. The video covers the topics of corruption within Russia, the crackdown on civil societies and a complete overhaul on the legal process. Finishing with the inequalities in the Russian economy or as quoted from the video Putin economy. Finishing with the effects of sanctions on the Russian government from the United Nations and the invasion of Crimea in the hostilities that persist to this day. The video analysis of Vladimir Putin shows interviews from multiple people ranging from family member of political figures, reporters, retired investigators, expert analysis.

Vladimir Putin is the leaders of one of the world’s strongest superpowers. His story is highlighted throughout this thesis, showing the duality of Putin in his public life and behind closed doors. Detailing aspect that are under reported or censored from the public.

As the USSR was beginning to crumble in the late 80s and finally falling in the nineties. Vladimir Putin worked for the federal government as a spy. He left his job as a spy for the Russian government and pursued politics at home in St. Petersburg. He met his old law professor from university who had just been elected mayor of the city. Former law professor Anatoly Sbchak was a mentor and teach of Putin in his early years. Putin was very confident about the fact he that he was a spy for the federal government and that he will be the best choice to for him to work under since he used to work for the KGB as a reconnaissance officer. Putin made gains in power by controlling which foreign company were able to pull permits and offices in Saint Petersburg, this gave him a large grasp of power in controlling the city and its money.

He was very ambitious and had goals pass his current position in the political hierarchy. In the pursuit of this he commissioned a video documentary of himself showing that the people can trust them in also outing himself as a former KGB spy. That was reviled by the public.  As Putin began became more powerful he need allies that can help them manage the darker side of the city. The criminal element came into play as to handle problems that could not be so publicly and openly. At the time St. Petersburg what’s considered the “gangster” capital of Russia in concerns with it high crime rate and criminal activity that was going on through the years. This will later use by others to associate Putin with the Russian mafia in his alleged underhand dealings. One of the more controversial public plans that was lay down what’s for the food shortage after the USSR collapsed. The entire government system in shambles and chaos pollutant devise a plan to feed his citizens of Saint Petersburg through a trade program of natural gas and oil for food for foreign money and in turn buy food. In the end the plan failed completely spurring more protest in objection of the government that remain. Marina Salye was a city councilor at the time Putin was in charge of moving funds to buy food she keep documents and details outlining what happen during those events.

Later in Putin’s career into politics his mentor became entangled in a political scandal that was later on investigated. Many of his mentors friends turn their backs on him as he was about to be tried for corruption charges. Vladimir Putin took it upon himself to organize a plan that way help get his mentor out of the country so they can’t be prosecuted. The plan worked and his mentor Sbchak fake an illness and was seen by medical professionals in Paris. He stayed there in Paris in excel but not in prison.  Putin’s efforts did not go unnoticed. By 1999 president Boris Yeltsin, was looking for a successor after his presidency. He set his eyes upon flat Amir Putin for his unwavering loyalty to his former teacher and not letting him go down for the corruption charges. For as he was also entwined in a massive corruption scandal as well. The scandal involved the property and wealth of the Russian people being divided up between a small group of wealthy businessman and other political affiliates. Following Vladimir Putin being appointed by the sitting president as prime minister.

Before Putin could take the presidency he would have to win election. In this time frame he took commission of the former KGB that turn into the FSB. During his tenure as the director of the FSB the apartment building complex were attacked by terrace. This spurred Russia into the caucus Wars. The war lasted for some time. In its wake there was controversy and investigations into who exactly Bomb the apartment complexes. The people that investigated the bombing there was a divide between those that said that the Chechnya terrorist committed the act of violence and others accusing the FSB of committing the terrorist act on its own people? Putin would later become president of the Russian and seal his seat of power.

Putin came into office after the Chechnya war with high public support behind him. As his first order of business he closed all investigation into his predecessor over the scandals that follow them. Following the closing of the investigations, Putin promise the people of Russia that he will bring it into the modern era and leave behind the old Soviet Union ways in favor of new flexible Western ideas. The reality is that Russia is still a very poor country, in the fact that a majority of the wealth is still maintained by an elite that is tied to the government and politics. Nearly 35 percent of the wealth of Russia belongs to a 110 individuals. This dynamic places a majority of the population of Russia extremely poverty. The Arab Spring has put Putin in the position that he cannot leave office officially he can’t leave in 2014 but due to his failure to deliver on his promise that he will bring Russia into the modern Western model. It is speculated that he could end up as dictators in Libya and Egypt that failed. Followed by the invasion of Crimea and growing sanction of the UN the future of the Russian government is unknown. The only time will tell what Putin next one will be. Vladimir Putin is a man with many faces and motives that are widely discussed around the world. He is an expert at deceive others from his years as a KGB agent and a talent for motivating people to move his agenda forward. He took a piece of Georgia and now a half of Ukraine. This has cause many in the UN to use their power and push him in a corner.


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