The Market Terminal

Time at the Terminal

My little journey started off with a trip off the beaten path. I believe that focusing on giant retailers to get a story would be not as challenging. My overall goal was to focus on shops that are local and started from small business owners who had a goal to chase and a dream to achieve. Just let me all the way down to Reading Terminal. A massive market and downtown Philadelphia that’s been in existence for longer than I’ve been alive. Is a combination of almost every culture that is locally here in Philadelphia and in the state and the rest of the world. You can say it gives you a moment of fresh air to look at shopping and some of the tools used by the shops and stores available here. Reading Terminal focuses on the food to eat. To be more precise the various food to eat from barbecue and various cuisine styles , all the way to the beginning product of groceries and poultry and meats.
The store I focus on was La Divisa Meats. It is a small store in comparison to other brand names that are recognized throughout the world. They recently opened in the beginning of this year. Their goal was to provide people with quality food that was raised humanely and clean. They bring all of their meat products from the local market itself , ie local farms that produce meet and cheeses. Being that it is the 21st century they are well adapted equipped for reaching out to their customer base. Providing websites to reach out to their practice customers and using social media to connect them all together so that they can stay in line with the on-goings an events that happen in the business.


With all this said they do not turn to the flash and spectacular all that others would try to achieve to acquire a customer base. They are very humble and there set up and design of their shop. Focuses on the simplicity of what they want to achieve. Walking up to them they set out not for having a edition setup but a very plain one. You remind me of the Amish businesses that were there selling their products. Very simple but yet elegant. To me there was no ego  in the design of the location itself. When I approach the location it didn’t try to draw me in with flashing signs but yet they simple logo that paid how much too Philadelphia’s history in the colonial days. With a simple face that look pleasant but yet warming. It reminded me of something from Benjamin Franklin or George Washington Sarah. A flower encapsulating the face , in particular a sunflower. This business process and using the natural and unprocessed methods of acquiring and processing the meats and dairy products that they sell. Using my phone looking on to the website from the business card they have a host of many farms and apply all over there meats that they sell. Clean and holistic with long track records showing that they are responsible and transparent and what they do.

My interaction with them was a very interesting one indeed. They did not try to rush me or even grab my attention with words or blunt conversation. They simply went about their business they doing their tests to run the business and let the way I speak up for themselves. The clean quality of the food that was being so was very impressive with a section dedicated to meats and another to cheeses and specialty items. For this trip I took my father along to help me out and start some interaction with them to allow me to focus on the smaller things. For most businesses that I have noticed that are starting up they try to grab their prospective customers attention as much as possible. But this business was the exact opposite of that making no effort to be in the position of overselling, But straightforward. When I ask a question they politely answer it truthfully and honestly. There was no rush to try to quick sell an item that was sitting there. But even took the time to explain where every steps in the process took place and how the meat got there. The very warm and friendly nature remind me of a family event to the least. Even as I asked particular questions about the business they treated me as if I was an old friend and even asked about what I would do with the food that I bought from there. They really got to know who I was and establish a trust that I believe would hold on to me even afterwards.


when I look back to the book and when I read in the chapter. It seemed to go against everything that was mentioned. But taking a step back and looking at what was written there I saw some similarities that allow me to see in the point of view of the owners. The simplistic design the friendly attitude towards customers and people who have questions. The position of the items being sold categories and presented in a very organized fashion. When it came to specialty items such as the cheese and specialty meats , they were set aside and dressed up slightly a bit more than the rest but nothing that would allow them to overshadow the other products being sold.


As I step back and watch then work their daily tasks in the business. They did not make any moves or attempt to put signage out in the aisles of a market or even outside. They seem to let it happen as it may.  when I took time to ask one of the employees about what they thought about this. They simply said ” if it happens it happens and if they come here too buy something from us the better if not you’re okay with that”.  it seemed to me that it was a little bit off putting on this business strategy. Was thinking to myself how can someone be successful if they do this , it Dawn on me. I then ask them do you have any other association with other businesses that focus on clean healthy living or having natural  holistic foods? The man simply replied back to me with a smile and said yes. They team up with other businesses to pull their collective wait to draw customers and on lookers on their business. Using a network they were able to build a customer base that doesn’t have to be on site and stays out of mind. This would allow them to seemed at a normal shop that is working without a giant crowd diving on them on a constant basis. The city was very clean and to the point. Simply choose what you want to buy and then process out from location after weighing the food.

the overall experience was a very welcoming and warm one to say the least. My questions were answered and the photos that I’ve taken were well welcomed. Allow them to put a human face on the brand itself and illustrates their logo as well as we are people and we are here to serve you. If you’re wondering what I bought, it was pork belly to make homemade bacon. A different touch things from me also some leg of lamb to cook as well. Until I can later on we find this si and pull more out of it to give a overall feel I will leave it here.




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