“This I Believe” Jones

Over the past 5 weeks I have come to terms with that my writing is not always perfect. There are some grammatical errors that I have to go over and make sure that I correct on a regular basis. Overall I am very satisfied with the achievements and accomplishments that I have done throughout the […]

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The Fountain

  Looking at the movie called “The fountain”. Is a production by Warner Brother’s pictures that was released in 2006. The movie poster alone stood out from the rest of the release film for that year. Its unique design and presentation caught the eye of many viewers. The casting of the movie was of a […]

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The Leftovers

“play the music as you read” The TV show leftovers a production by HBO is a combination of religion cultural conflict and roles that we play in society. It takes place in current time in a parallel universe. Centering around the events that happen on October 14th. In the event people begin to disappear from […]

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