The Fountain


Looking at the movie called “The fountain”. Is a production by Warner Brother’s pictures that was released in 2006. The movie poster alone stood out from the rest of the release film for that year. Its unique design and presentation caught the eye of many viewers. The casting of the movie was of a high caliber, featuring Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz. The poster itself showed the characters in a unique and unruly setting. Followed by the caption stating “what if you could live forever”. This simple phrase connect with every person that considers there mortality. A true and simple human truth that follows us all.

The movie poster itself is a very simple illustration and photography to get the point across to the viewer. Using bright and dark shadowing to show the viewer that this is going beyond what is here on earth. With symbolism of a tree crew creating the undertone of the beginning. The tree itself is protected by a spear that encapsulates it as it travels through space and time. This conveys to the viewer that the tree itself is immune and protect it from time itself. The actors that are inside the spear are reviewing the universe from the inside looking out as it changes.

We can see that Hugh Jackman’s character is out looking at something in space. Even though the viewer understands that something has caught his attention other than the woman behind him. It seems to take precedence over everything else. The woman in the rear hold the representation of the pass, but is still lingering there in the shadow of the main protagonist. A sort of memory that lingers on and has not fade away with time. Away from this we can also see in the poster interesting design in the bottom right corner. Showing an eagle with the body of a man. To most viewers this committee understood something ancient. To others it shows underlying intent that links everything together. The overall body language that is shown by the character played by Hugh Jackman shows a man that is in the essence of the universe and is star struck by something that is off screen. Even being contain with inside the sphere of the ancient tree something grabs attention away from focusing on his medication alone and has him in all. The female character played by Rachel Weisz is in the backdrop as if she is waiting for something. Looking directly at Hugh Jackman as if she was a specter waiting to be noticed.

Another viewpoint on analyzing the poster itself. The protagonist seems to have achieved a certain level of enlightenment that is being emphasized was seeing stars and nebula in the backdrop but is still left wanting for something. In my opinion the poster conveys the struggle to continue on and the futility of existence. Using dark colors and bright lighting to show duality of existence. The protagonist seems to want to achieve a new level of existence but is haunted by his past. This is well illustrated at the bottom of the poster with a timeline starting from the 1500 and leading into the 25th century. This draws on the notion that if one could live forever would it take away from the meaning of living itself.

The movie itself was filmed with many panoramic shots and close in cinematography angles. It gives the viewer a chance to experience the all an overwhelming present of the universe and a close human experience. The director and cinematography wish to open a dialogue that entails philosophy, metaphysics, and religion. Challenging the viewer’s opinion and understanding of the world. The idea of the beyond is a freighting and lonely feeling mentally and spiritually for people. The posters is awash with many sad undertones and longing, that even both characters show in it.




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