“This I Believe” Jones

Over the past 5 weeks I have come to terms with that my writing is not always perfect. There are some grammatical errors that I have to go over and make sure that I correct on a regular basis. Overall I am very satisfied with the achievements and accomplishments that I have done throughout the past 5 weeks. Stretching from the reading and to the writing assignments. I truly had a great time writing some of the blogs for this class itself. It gave me a chance to be a little more expressive in what I write than usual. The amount of reading that we have done throughout the past 5 weeks is more than what I would usually do. The fruits of those tedious hours of reading have helped me become more aware of how to write in a more constructive and organized manner. The input from my classmates about the past five weeks have been very helpful and informative. It’s been a great experience in dealing with a lot of the technical issues are writing and research. I do not consider myself a strong writer per se. I know that I still have time to grow in some aspects of my writing and improve upon others. This writing experience over the past two classes of English here, has been an eye opener for me. The writing here has a lot but you play with some ideas that I used to not vocalize or right in a normal sentence. Keeping my thoughts and ideas in my head has always been the usual choice, but with the writing that I have done here it has become easier for me to do this in an organized fashion.


For my essay that I have written. I wanted to focus on PTSD and its effects on people. Going further with the idea I aimed at looking at those affected in the military by it. Looking at race, gender, and sexuality. Give me a deeper look into not just those that are in the military but the individual subgroups that exist in them as well.


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