The moment you realize you can do anything

If you are all wondering who I am I’m Michael Jones 25 years old a native of Philadelphia and my second try at doing college. I started out like everybody else junior high school high school file the status quo of going to college but I did enjoy it I left college and went into aviation I ended at the age of 19 being able to fly a rotor aircraft or helicopter. From there my sites turn to flying for a career. But the cost was prohibitive. So I decided to join the army. It took me from my comfy home in Philadelphia all the way down to the south in Georgia after completing training then parted ways and headed to Germany. where I spent two years enjoying the people there in other countries. After just shy of four years I left the military in pursuit of network security. My goals had change but I will still passion about computers as a hobby of mine. So I found myself ending up at  UAT


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