The Leftovers

“play the music as you read” The TV show leftovers a production by HBO is a combination of religion cultural conflict and roles that we play in society. It takes place in current time in a parallel universe. Centering around the events that happen on October 14th. In the event people begin to disappear from […]

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The Market Terminal

Time at the Terminal My little journey started off with a trip off the beaten path. I believe that focusing on giant retailers to get a story would be not as challenging. My overall goal was to focus on shops that are local and started from small business owners who had a goal to chase […]

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Composition II

  Well it looks like round 2 for me in writing. My name is Michael J. Jones JR. and this blog was used in my first composition class and it served me well. You are free to look at my earlier work and chim in if you like. it will be a pleasure learning with […]

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The Jones experience

Play the music while you read. Introduction           To start off I would have to say this is been a fun and interesting class that I have ever taken for a college course. I did not expect to be doing blogs and group chats that were pretty interesting. The community feeling […]

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The man with cold eyes

Inside the world of the king of the north Vladimir Putin Michael J. Jones Jr. University of Advancing Technology Introduction Frontlines video documentary of Putin gave a telling outline of who is Vladimir Putin. Form his past to present day. In this paper, we will go deep inside the mind of Putin. Starting from his […]

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For the is blog, I was think about the prospect of a film that would work well. In doing so, I believe that this one will fit the bill. this song afterward is fitting to listen to as you read this  In this Mercedes car commercial we have actress Tilda Swinton driving on a wild […]